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Just Do App. redefines
the rules of the game!

Just do App. is a French startup embodying a passion for innovation in amateur sports.

Experts in mobile app development, we redefine the sports club experience...

Our mission : connect enthusiasts, propel clubs into the digital spotlight, and strengthen bonds with personalized and intuitive solutions.

Driven by an ambitious team, we contribute to developing the visibility of clubs and the evolution of amateur sports in France.

Fighting against sedentary lifestyles, we believe in the educational power of clubs in society.

A complete digital experience!

Immerse your community in the heart of the action and keep them informed of every club milestone. From the latest news to essential information, they won't miss a thing.
- Just Do App.


Dive into the heart of your club's news through automated aggregation of news feeds from your social networks.

Club life

Invite users to delve into your club's history, future, organization, and environment.


Explore the collective performances of your teams: schedules, results, standings...


Communicate all useful information to your licensed members and club members: financial aid, regulations, recommendations...

Football news

Invite your club members to dive into the world of global football through real-time news and results.


Offer a variety of interactive entertainments to your users, from virtual sports competition to stimulating challenges.

Major Advantages

Self-managed Application

Opt for our self-sufficient app and provide your club with a tool that doesn't weigh on your shoulders. Focus on the field, not on the technicalities.

Improved Brand Image

A well-designed mobile app enhances the club's brand image by giving it a modern and professional appearance, which can attract new members and sponsors.

Enhanced User Experience

Members and supporters enjoy a more user-friendly experience by accessing club information, news, and features through a dedicated mobile app, increasing their satisfaction.

Increased Engagement

A mobile app can foster member engagement by allowing them to easily follow club events, results, and activities, reinforcing their sense of belonging.

More Effective Communication

Clubs can use the app to send instant notifications, updates, and reminders, enabling more direct and efficient communication with their members.

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Imagine a future where you invest in the growth of your sports club without sacrificing your budget. Our exceptional offer allows you to subscribe to a monthly subscription from 19€.
What makes this offer even more attractive is that it eliminates the costs of mobile app development and service activation fees. (valued at 499€).
This is a golden opportunity for your club.

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Get a customized mobile app without spending a penny for the initial development.

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Start using the app immediately without additional fees.

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Why don't other clubs have their own mobile app yet?

Sports clubs, whether amateur or professional, often don't have their own mobile app for several reasons:


The development and maintenance of a mobile app can be expensive, especially for amateur clubs with limited resources. They often prefer to invest in sports equipment, facilities, or coaches.

Technical Skills

Creating a mobile app requires technical skills in software development, which many amateur clubs don't have in-house. They would need to outsource this task, incurring additional costs.

Updates and Maintenance

Once an app is created, it requires regular updates and maintenance to remain functional on different mobile platforms. This can be an additional workload for amateur clubs.

Limited Time and Resources

Volunteers and staff members of amateur clubs often have limited resources and time to dedicate to IT projects, making the creation and management of a mobile app challenging.

Publishing on the App Store and Play Storee

Publishing an app on Apple and Google can be complex. Unlike a website, there are specific procedures to be listed on the stores.

Testimonials from clubs trusting us

Mehdi Guerrouad - US Lille Moulins Carrel

If you want to expand your visibility, enhance your club's reputation, and play a more significant role in your community, I highly recommend Just Do App. They have been our trusted partner in this journey, and we are eager to continue growing together.

Mehdi Guerrouad

US Lille Moulins-Carrel